Building– Two storied Main Building, consisting of classrooms,laboratories, Seminar/training hall etc. has a covered area of 1230 sq.m. Culinary lab,Sensory Lab,packaging lab and multi purpose Pilot plants are housed in Sheds covering 320 sq.m.

Laboratories-The following infrastructure has been developed with the grant from MoFPI and funds from the University:

Food Technology lab– UVV is Spectrophotometer, Tint meter, Muffle Furnace, Kjeltech Apparatus, Centrifuges,DeepFreezer,BrookfieldViscometer,Freezedryeraresomeofthe important instruments

Food Processing Pilot Plant / unit operations lab: Canning line, Forced Circulation Evaporator, Vacuumshelfdryer, Spray dryer, tray dryer, BOD incubator, Sieve shaker, Planetary mixer, Milk processing, Cream Separator, Autoclave, Jacketedkettlearethemajor pilots plants installed.

Milling lab: De-husker, De-stoner, Polisher, Pre leaner, Aspirator, Sample Divider, Indenter, Image analyzer

Packaging lab: Humidity Chambers, Desiccators, Oxygen Transfer Rate(OTR), Drop Weight Tester, coefficient friction tester, compression tester, Texture analyzer.

Microbiology lab: Electronic balance, Auto Clave, Laminar Air Flow hood, Water bath, Incubators, Water still, pH meter, Mani fold filter, Microscopes, Digital Colony counter etc.

Culinary and sensory lab: Modular culinary lab with cooking units consisting of six built-in- hobs with 3 burners each, Thaliunit, Bottle kit, Utensil kit,Multi-Utility kit, Corner plain kit, plain-shelf units along with refrigerator, Microwave oven, Baking oven, Grinders. Modular Sensory Table with six individual testing booths, fixed with 500 lux Bulbs each.

Library–Apart from Central Library, School has a departmental library with 95 title and 306