Following parameters of any raw material or products, are analysed:


  • FoodAdulterationtestsasper FSSAIRegulations
  • Composition/Constituents –    Moisture,   Protein,   Carbohydrates,   Fat,    Fiber, Sugars(Titrimetry),Ash,Acid insoluble ash, SulphatedAsh, Water Soluble Ash,Calorific value(Energy)
  • Additives–Preservatives,Sulphur dioxide
  • Microbial ParametersTotal plate count,Coliform,EColi,Vibrocolera,Salmonella
  • Physical ParametersExtraneous Matter,Damaged Grains,Bulk Densityetc.
  • Specializations

Nutritionallabellingrequirements,WatersolublevitaminsbyHPLC–BandC,Fat solublevitaminsbyHPLC–A,D,E,K,FoodadditivesandFattyacidprofileand CholesterolbyGC, shelflife studies.

Note: Specific test will be performed as per IS / AOAC /Standards of Regulatory methods / Customer method.


The above list is only indicative and for full details/clarifications/your actual requirements, Programme Director, School of Food Technology may be contacted.